Olint - 22 jul 2013 - 12:39

Super High Densitive System (SHD)

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The super high intensive olive grove is a crop technology that Agromillora has mastered in cooperation with many of its clients, which enables a very notable increase in profitability in comparison to traditional olive groves.

When the first super intensive olive groves were planted at the beginning of the 90's, there were many unknowns about the new crop model: the duration of plantations, ideal frames, suitable varieties, pruning, fertilization, irrigation, etc. The experience acquired over more than 15 years with the different plantations has made it possible to improve the initial approaches and dissipate many of the doubts the system raised.

The keys to the success of the super high density system reside in: 100% mechanized harvesting with combines; the quick entry into production in the 3rd year, with high output that has been sustained over time; and the high quality of the oil obtained, 100% extra virgin.