Olint - 22 jul 2013 - 12:39

Key Factors

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  • Varieties

The choice of the variety is one of the fundamental aspects of obtaining a good result. There are currently three low-vigor varieties which represent the base of these plantations: Agromillora selection ‘Arbequina’, ‘Arbosana’ i-43 and ‘Koroneiki’ i-38. The number of varieties adapted to the super intensive system is still small, but there are plans for the next few years to incorporate new genetic materials from the Agromillora R+D department improvement program and from the collaboration programs with the University of Cordoba and other institutions.

Varieties for High Density System

  • Mechanized Harvest

The same over the row harvesters machines used in grape harvests are suitable for olive harvesting, and these can be available throughout the olive harvesting period. The machines do not need modifications and they harvest up to 98% of the fruit all while causing minimal damage to the fruit and trees. Output can reach 2 hours/ha and harvesting costs range from between €0.03-0.06/Kg. This factor enables breaking the initial image of a system exclusively owned and used on large fields or by large investors and has made it so that super intensive cultivation is one more alternative to be considered by traditional olive growers. The super high density system requires fields with slopes that are no higher than 20% so the combine can move.

  • Genetic and health quality of the plan material

For the production of Olint plants, plant material is used from our mother plant fields that were begun from our own initial material which is genetically and health controlled. The availability of greenhouse facilities so that it can be maintained in adequate conditions, the periodic pest and disease controls that are conducted and the traceability system that is applied throughout the production process guarantee the quality of the Olint plants.

  • Mechanized planting

It is possible to plant using single or double-line machinery with laser alignment where a pre-emergence herbicide treatment is applied when planting. The plantation output for a team of 5 people is 7000-9000 plants/day.

  • Mechanized pruning

The super high density system allows for a high level of pruning mechanization, thus contributing to significantly reducing operating costs. In the summer, on an annual basis, topping (cutting the top of the tree) is undertaken at a height of 2.5 m and the lower leaves are cut to keep the lower branches below a height of 60 cm. These two types of pruning.