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General Overview of the Variety
Denomination and synonymy: 

Originally from Penedès, it probably received its name from the Tarragona town of L’Arboç.

Cultivation area: 

It is currently being spread throughout its zone of origin. Since it is one of the varieties used on super-intensive plantations, it is being planted in many countries on several continents.

Agronomic and commercial considerations: 

A variety with a very high and constant productivity and very early entry into production. Low vitality, very attractive for intensive cultivations. Late ripening season. Average oil content (19-20%), although it is highly appreciated due to its organoleptic characteristics. It has a high rooting capacity.

Resistance, tolerance and susceptibility: 
  • Olive knot Susceptible
  • Leaf Spot Resistant
  • Verticillium Susceptible
Morphological characters

Violet color when ripe, with many small lenticels, small, spherical and slightly asymmetric.


Oval-shaped and symmetric.