Olint - 22 jul 2013 - 12:39

Characteristics of the system

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  • Plantation density

Planting frames are mainly chosen based on the vigor of the varieties, the fertility of the soil and the irrigation scheme. A distance between plants within the lines of 1.35 to 1.5 m, a separation between rows of 3.5 to 4 m, and a limit on the height of the olive tree at 2.5 m makes it possible to form a continuous plant hedge, which receives the perfect amount of light and is capable of sustained productions over the years.


  • Formation in a central axis

One of the characteristics of the super high density system is the formation of the tree in a central axis, which is achieved through proper pruning and staking for the first 3 years. As the plant grows, it is tied to a stake every 20 cm. and the branches in the lower third are eliminated up to a maximum height of 60 cm. without branches. A 2 m stake is recommended for a good tie up to 2.5 m; once this height has been reached, summer topping is completed to maintain it.


  • Production

Entry into production is very rapid as a production of 3-4 Tn/ha is obtained as early as the third year. The results obtained over these years of experience in the various olive-growing zones show sustained production rates of between 8-12 Tn/ha. On plantations in warm areas with appropriate crop management, productions of up to 16 Tn/ha have been obtained.


  • Profitability

The super intensive system has significantly reduced the need for labor not only for the harvest, which in the traditional system amounts to 80% of the total costs, but also in other mechanizable operations such as pruning or even planting. In short, a very notable increase in profitability and lower dependence on the availability of labor, which is more and more scarce in every country, is achieved.


  • Harvest quality

The use of picking machines allows for a quick harvest at the optimal ripening time; the olives do not touch the ground, nor are they damaged and they are immediately taken to processing plants. All of these factors lead to a high quality oil (100% extra virgin) which preserves the characteristic aromas of each variety.