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The Olive Growing Revolution now in English!

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6 years 50 weeks ago
The Olive Growing Revolution now in English!

We have reasons to congratulate ourselves for the new edition of "The Olive Growing Revolution" in English.

This edition is the English translation of the "La Revolución del Olivar", the only book talking about the Super High Density System of the Olive tree, wrote by two of our Agronomical Engineers, Xavier Rius and Jose M. Lacarte.

With more than 16 years experience in this system, Xavier and Jose M. had written this book to offer, in a practical and simple way, information on this new growing model, developing the most appropriate practices, on irrigation, nutrition, pruning, harvesting, etc., for the management of super high density olive groves.

The book is conceived as a practical manual for daily use, for olive-growers, farm technicians, students, professionals and, in general, all the public with an interest about olive-growing.

For those who are interested, you can buy the book in this website: www.elolivarsuperintensivo.com