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Australia Adopts New Voluntary Standards for Olive Oil

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The Olive Oil Times Report Vol. Nº16
7 years 12 weeks ago
Australia Adopts New Voluntary Standards for Olive Oil

Following a rigorous standards development process involving multiple industry stakeholders – and almost 800 public comments – Standards Australia has approved a new olive oil standard.

"A benchmark for olive oil quality to ensure consumers get the product they pay for."

Colin Blair, Standards Australia


Standards Australia is a not-for-profit organisation recognised by the Australian government as the primary non-government standards body in Australia.

“Unscrupulous operators who are currently profiting from the significant price difference available by deceptively re-selling seed oils and/or inferior quality olive oil as high-value extra virgin olive oil will be seriously affected by this new regulation,” Leandro Ravetti told Olive Oil Times when the new draft was proposed in January. “Meanwhile