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National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition

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7 years 19 weeks ago
National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition

On behalf of the Directors of the AOA I would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended the National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition in Wangaratta Victoria.  By all accounts it was a great success.    The exhibitor area was full and the displays looked excellent.  Thank you to our major conference sponsors RIRDC and Amenduni.  We will have a whole range of photos available in our new Year Book which we hope to have out soon.

I was going to write a whole lot of information about the Conference but the wonderful Alexandre Kicenik Devarene from the USA has beaten me to it.  On her Olive Blog she has posted an informative summary of the events.  Rather than re-hash I am going to use Alexandre’s words.  You can follow her blog at http://www.calathena.com/2011/11/06/australian-olive-association-conference-through-a-californians-eyes-part-i/