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About us

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OLINT® is an international trademark leader in the olive plant nursery sector.

OLINT olive plants are a genetic, sanitary and morphological reference with the most-experienced after-sales service.

Agromillora, backed by more than a decade’s worth of experience in producing and marketing its best selections, and as world pioneers in mastering super-intensive plantations, wishes to share with you its experiences and the one of its customers through this website and the OLINT magazine.



Agromillora was founded in 1986 in Subirats (Barcelona). It initially produced and marketed fruit and vine plants. Later, it incorporated olive plant production into its infrastructure for commercialization all over the world.

With the objective of supplying the fruit-growing sector with the best plant materials, a series of innovations from various disciplines such as biotechnology and information technology, have been gradually added to their production processes. These production technologies, along with health control techniques and molecular techniques for genetic control, are the pillars of mass production and quality.

Currently, Agromillora is the largest nursery in the world in its specialty.



As of 1997, Agromillora believed it was strategic to invest in R+D. For this reason, the Research Center was created in Monistrol d’Anoia which is fully-equipped with the latest technological innovations. Collaboration agreements were established with public research institutes, universities and other private companies from several countries.

R+D activities revolve around the genetic improvement of the varieties of species produced, including the olive tree, which occupies a special place. The olive tree genetic improvement program began at Agromillora in 1997.